Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Hanjoo Lee

Architect of Voids

Boosting vacuum pumps through additive manufacturing

During his undergraduate and master’s years, Han focused on fabricating metal matrix nanocomposites. He continued his study at the University of California San Diego and received his Ph.D. in actuating soft robotics using liquid atomization. He was also an intern at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, expanding his research through acoustic shape optimization and additive manufacturing.

In order to achieve the goal of mass-producing mass spectroscopy through additive manufacturing, each component must be studied to satisfy the viability as well as the production cost. Han’s work focuses on generating low vacuum, achieved through a peristaltic pump, which continuously drives gas inside a tube with a rotating roller. Additively manufacturing the device enables complex and detailed designs to improve its performance, especially with regards to fatigue and heat transfer.

Dr. Nicholas K. Lubinsky

Plasma Wrangler

I said MEMS, not memes

Nick began with an undergraduate career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a B.S. in physics. With a primary interest in the hardware involved in measuring physical interactions, and a drive towards the cosmos, Nick went on to complete his PhD at University of New Hampshire in Space Physics with a focus on hardware and new designs for time-of-flight mass spectrometry within the Earth’s magnetosphere. When not in the lab, Nick enjoys practicing kempo karate. Four years of this later, and many things become clearer after hand-to-hand combat.

Nick is working on utilizing time-of-flight (TOF) techniques with the possibilities of advanced 3D printers for clinical mass spectrometry, as part of an effort in the Velasquez group, Lincoln Laboratory, and Empiriko Corporation. One such toy involves using complex, highly precise geometries to form selective electrodes, and shepherd ions based on their mass per charge ratio. Miniaturization and additive manufacture are the ultimate goals. Also included with the job title is helping with other projects, such as for retarding potential analyzers for CubeSats.