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MIT News (October 2017): 3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers – Printed nozzle system could make uniform, versatile fibers at much lower cost.

Meshes made from fibers with nanometer-scale diameters have a wide range of potential applications, including tissue engineering, water filtration, solar cells, and even body armor. But their commercialization has been hampered by inefficient manufacturing techniques.

In the latest issue of the journal Nanotechnology, MIT researchers describe a new device for producing nanofiber meshes, which matches the production rate and power efficiency of its best-performing predecessor — but significantly reduces variation in the fibers’ diameters, an important consideration in most applications.

But whereas the predecessor device, from the same MIT group, was etched into silicon through a complex process that required an airlocked “clean room,” the new device was built using a $3,500 commercial 3-D printer. The work thus points toward nanofiber manufacture that is not only more reliable but also much cheaper.

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Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office October  2017

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Velasquez Group’s paper on surface tension-driven microfluidics selected to IOP Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics’ 2016 Highlights!

The article “Optimization of capillary flow through open-microchannel and open-micropillar arrays” was selected by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (JPhysD) for the journal’s Highlights of 2016 Collection –a selection of the top highest-quality papers published during the year, chosen on the basis of novelty, scientific impact and broadness of appeal; JPhysD is one of the leading journals on novel applied physics and related technologies. Specifically, the article was selected as one of the top 6 papers on interdisciplinary applied physics.

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More information here: http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/0022-3727/page/Highlights-of-2016

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Velasquez Group’s paper on novel magnetic-less vacuum ion pump selected for the IOP Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2016 Highlights Collection

The article “An electrostatic ion pump with nanostructured Si field emission electron source and Ti particle collectors for supporting an ultra-high vacuum in miniaturized atom interferometry systems” was selected by the referees and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering (JMM) for the JMM 2016 Highlights Collection – a selection of the top 25 highest-quality papers published during the year; JMM is one of the leading journals on microelectromechanical and nanoelectromechanical systems.

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